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Project Description Owner Last Change
origami-ec.git The Origami Embedded Controlle... 9 months ago
linux.git Linux kernel 2 years ago
paper.git Paper Build System (will be... 2 years ago
emu8051.git 8051 emulator 2 years ago
u-boot.git U-Boot 2 years ago
mpv.git Video player based on MPlayer... 2 years ago
soutenance-stage-pfe.git Soutenance de stage PFE 2 years ago
paper-deploy.git Paper-Deploy (will be rebased) 2 years ago
libettereboot.git Libreboot made better 2 years ago
paper-support.git Paper Support (will be rebased) 2 years ago
libva-v4l2-request.git VAAPI backend for the Linux... 2 years ago
v4l2-request-test.git A standalone tool to test... 2 years ago
rapport-stage-pfe.git Rapport de stage PFE 2 years ago
cedrus-frame-test.git Cedrus Frame Test 2 years ago
libva-dump.git libVA backend to dump slices... 2 years ago
libdrm-sun4i.git libdrm for sun4i-drm 2 years ago
libva-cedrus.git Cedrus libVA backend 2 years ago
mt8173-pcm-tools.git MT8173 PCM firmware analysis... 3 years ago
cros-packages.git Parabola packages for CrOS... 3 years ago
mt8173-pcm.git MT8173 PCM analysis firmwares 3 years ago