2014-11-07 Hugo VilleneuveImplement workaround for flex --header-file option master
2014-11-07 Hugo VilleneuveRename perl sources variable to avoid confusion
2014-11-06 Hugo VilleneuveReplace LEX macro with preferred one
2014-04-09 Hugo VilleneuveCleanup of autoconf files
2014-04-09 Hugo Villeneuveopcodes2c.pl: Add command line options
2014-04-09 Hugo VilleneuveSave window position in configuration file
2014-04-09 Hugo VilleneuveAllow to override window geometry on the command line
2014-04-08 Hugo VilleneuveChange project's website URL
2014-04-08 Hugo VilleneuveAdd missing include file
2014-04-07 Hugo VilleneuveRemove unnecessary AM option parallel-tests
2014-04-07 Hugo VilleneuveConvert to automake gnits option
2014-04-07 Hugo VilleneuveFix Makefile.am indentation
2014-04-07 Hugo VilleneuveConvert to LIBTOOL
2014-04-07 Hugo VilleneuveAdd option -Wno-extra-portability to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
2014-04-07 Hugo VilleneuveAdd option no-define to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
2014-04-07 Hugo VilleneuvePut automake macros together
2014-03-22 Hugo Villeneuveemu8051 2.0.1
2014-03-17 Hugo VilleneuveConvert manpage to UTF-8
2014-02-18 Hugo VilleneuveAdd tests for CLI version commands
2014-02-18 Hugo VilleneuveDo not display registers at CLI version startup
2014-02-16 Hugo VilleneuveAdd proper error checking in asciihex2int functions
2014-02-15 Hugo VilleneuveDont exit in case of hexfile reading failure
2014-02-15 Hugo VilleneuveReplace disam.h with opcodes{h,c}
2014-02-15 Hugo VilleneuveFix comment after cleanup
2014-02-15 Hugo VilleneuveFix splint warnings
2014-02-15 Hugo VilleneuveFix C99 standard types uintN_t
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveRemove unused header file includes
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveFix test script to work in external build directory
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveShorten memory_ functions prefix to mem_ in memory.c
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveFix checkpatch warnings
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveMove memory read functions to memory.c
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveFix auto-generated C source files indentation
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveRemove unnecessary column in opcodes.lst
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveRemove duplicate code for disassembly
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveFix checkpatch warnings
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveShorten GPLv2 licence text in header of each source...
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveAdd up to 4 emulator timers
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveRename DumpMem function -> memory_dump
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveAdd more error checking for CLI version arguments
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveCleanup help menu
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveAdd support for GNU readline
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveRename CLI and GUI versions main source files
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveAllow hex numbers to begin with 0x or $ prefix in scanner
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveAllow to set all SFR registers in CLI version
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveAdd new value range check when writing register in...
2014-02-13 Hugo VilleneuveConvert CLI version input parsing to Lex/Yacc
2014-02-07 Hugo VilleneuveRemove address parameter from RUN and TRACE CLI commands
2014-01-26 Hugo VilleneuveAdd general-purpose timer to CLI
2014-01-26 Hugo VilleneuveAdd better error checking when loading invalid hex...
2014-01-26 Hugo VilleneuveRefactor hex loading code
2014-01-26 Hugo VilleneuveAllow EM command to be specified without arguments
2014-01-26 Hugo VilleneuveMove macro definition to top of file
2014-01-26 Hugo VilleneuveUse log functions to display errors
2014-01-26 Hugo VilleneuveFix error when specifying start address in CLI version
2014-01-26 Hugo VilleneuveAdd square root regression test
2014-01-26 Hugo VilleneuveReturn error for test files without any validation...
2014-01-25 Hugo VilleneuveDo not display eror message when simply pressing return...
2014-01-25 Hugo VilleneuveAdd general-purpose timer to GUI
2014-01-24 Hugo VilleneuveAdd documentation about regression testing
2014-01-24 Hugo VilleneuveRemove display of command line options in GUI mode
2014-01-24 Hugo VilleneuveSimplify options parsing code
2014-01-23 Hugo Villeneuveemu8051 2.0.0
2014-01-23 Hugo VilleneuveRemove dynamic update of GUI layout
2014-01-23 Hugo VilleneuveImprove view/hide of memory windows
2014-01-23 Hugo VilleneuveRemove deprecated view->sfr-window option
2014-01-23 Hugo VilleneuveFix error when toggling memory display viewing on/off
2014-01-15 Hugo VilleneuveRemove autogen.sh from distribution tarball
2014-01-15 Hugo VilleneuveChangeLog is now automatically generated from git log...
2014-01-14 Hugo VilleneuveFix compilation warning
2014-01-14 Hugo VilleneuveRefactor memwin.c for internal and external memories
2014-01-14 Hugo VilleneuveChange confusing variable name bits_per_row to bytes_pe...
2014-01-14 Hugo VilleneuveImprove performance of GUI step operations
2014-01-14 Hugo VilleneuveSet external memory size default to 256
2014-01-11 Hugo VilleneuveSet program memory size default to 65536
2014-01-11 Hugo VilleneuveCreate common function for running instructions
2014-01-03 Hugo VilleneuveFix warning for ignored return value for getline()
2014-01-03 Hugo VilleneuveFix [-Wsign-compare] warnings
2014-01-03 Hugo VilleneuveMerge ADD and ADDC operations into common function
2014-01-03 Hugo VilleneuveFix code indentation
2014-01-03 Hugo VilleneuveFix error with ADDC instruction
2014-01-03 Hugo VilleneuveAdd tests for ADD and ADDC instructions
2014-01-03 Hugo VilleneuveFix [-Wformat-security] warning
2014-01-03 Hugo VilleneuveFix warnings about unused function parameters
2014-01-03 Hugo VilleneuveFix [-Wmissing-field-initializers] warnings
2014-01-03 Hugo VilleneuveFix regression with ADDC instruction
2014-01-03 Hugo VilleneuveAdd additional compile warning flags
2013-12-11 Hugo VilleneuveMove git ignore file list to build-aux
2013-12-11 Hugo VilleneuveRemove configure cache directory after running autoreconf
2013-12-07 Hugo VilleneuveSeparate cli and gtk sources into separate directories
2013-12-07 Hugo VilleneuveRemove obsolescent macro AM_PROG_CC_C_O
2013-12-06 Anthony LiuImprove interrupt trigger code readability
2013-12-06 Anthony LiuFix bug when processing interrupts
2013-12-03 Hugo VilleneuveAdd support for as504 assembler, with output file option
2013-12-03 Hugo VilleneuveAdd support for as504 assembler
2013-12-02 Hugo VilleneuveFix bug when using separate build directory to create...
2013-12-02 Hugo VilleneuveReplace CALL by LCALL for compatibility with AS31 and...
2013-12-02 Hugo VilleneuveRemove CSEG directive for compatibility with AS31 and...
2013-12-02 Hugo VilleneuveRemove currently unsupported option to set iram size
2013-12-02 Hugo VilleneuveFix CPPFLAGS for each target (CLI and GTK)
2013-12-02 Hugo VilleneuveChange way tests are enabled/disabled by asem presence