descriptionThe Origami Embedded Controller firmware (Origami-EC)
last changeSun, 25 Feb 2018 16:07:44 +0000 (17:07 +0100)
2018-02-25 Paul Kocialkowskiplatform: kb9012: Clean up serial send wait master
2018-02-19 Paul Kocialkowskiplatform: kb9012: Reset GPIO module on watchdog reset
2018-02-19 Paul Kocialkowskiplatform: kb9012: Add watchdog and internal oscillator...
2018-02-18 Paul KocialkowskiMakefile: Add blank lines around version
2018-02-18 Paul Kocialkowskiplatform: kb9012: Register firmware version
2018-02-13 Paul KocialkowskiREADME: Update about and supported devices and platforms
2018-01-11 Paul Kocialkowskiplatform: kb9012: interrupts: Clear RI flag after readi...
2018-01-11 Paul KocialkowskiREADME: Add part about contribution
2018-01-11 Paul KocialkowskiMakefile: Remove deprecated segmentcheck macro
2017-08-30 Paul KocialkowskiREADME: Use ATX-style headings
2017-07-22 Paul Kocialkowskitools: segments: Use bash shebang
2017-06-20 Paul KocialkowskiComplete banked segments switching support
2017-06-16 Paul Kocialkowskicommon: Adapt putchar prototype given SDCC version
2017-06-13 Paul KocialkowskiMakefile: Correct build dependencies generation call
2017-06-13 Paul KocialkowskiRevert "common: Add reset command and API function"
2017-06-04 Paul KocialkowskiRevert "device: g505s: Add reset implementation"
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